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•  Tattoo removal

•  Pigmented vascular lesions

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The Cynosure Accolade is one of the premier cosmetic laser systems for the removal of tattoos and pigmented lesions. It features a high-powered Q-switched Alexandrite laser that delivers fast and effective results while maximizing patient comfort.

The Cynosure Accolade is capable of treating a variety of pigmented lesions, from freckles to solar lentigines (sun spots or liver spots) and much more. And unlike many other tattoo removal laser systems, the Cynosure Accolade can remove green tattoos, in addition to black, blue and brown. When you consider that it offers a range of spot size options and an accurate red diode laser aiming beam, this laser will allow you to produce ideal results each and every time. And because it features a high repetition rate and a strong record for patient comfort and safety, this is a cosmetic laser system that patients will ask for by name and recommend to their friends and family.

A fiber-delivered, high-powered Q-switched pulse is available through a variety of spot sizes:

  • Small spot sizes for high fluence treatment of dermal pigmented lesions and tattoos
  • Medium spot sizes for efficient treatment of tattoos and epidermal pigmented lesions
  • Large spot sizes for low fluence treatments for larger areas of the skin with pigmentation

Efficient and Consistent

  • High-powered, Q-switched Alexandrite laser
  • Flexible fiber delivery system for ease of use
  • Homogenous beam profile for uniform and consistent delivery of energy
  • Accurate aiming beam—treatment is delivered in exact location
  • Mild treatment to maximize patient comfort
  • Nanosecond technology to maximize photo-disruptive effect


•  Tattoo removal

•  Pigmented vascular lesions

Detailed Product Description

The Cynosure Accolade Laser has the following features:

•  Laser type: Q-switched Alexandrite laser

•  Maximum Repetition rate: 10 Hz

•  Spot size options: 2 mm up to 5 mm

•  Aiming Beam Type: Red Diode Laser

•  Wavelength: 755 nm

•  Dimensions: 41” x 15” x 25”

•  Weight: 200 pounds

•  Electrical: 220 VAC, 20A, 50/60 Hz, single phase

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