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Asclepion MedioStar NeXT Diode Laser – 2013

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Asclepion Mediostar NEXT PRO XL Diode Laser – 2013; Manufactured 2013; Excellent Cosmetic & Operating Condition; Includes Vascular Handpiece, Hair Removal Handpiece; Also Includes : Footswitch, Keys, Water Refill Kit, Footswitch, Operator Manual, Operator Eyewear, Patient Eyewear & 120 Day Warranty.


Asclepion MedioStar Next Diode Laser – 2013

Asclepion MedioStar

The Best High Power Diode Laser Technology on The Aesthetic Market
Thanks to the highly reliable diode technology and the user-friendly interface, even less-experienced users can become confident appliers of the most advanced hair removal techniques in a few simple steps.

Multiple Wavelengths Technology
The handpiece of the MeDioStar NeXT PRO comes in a unique combination of wavelengths. This offers physicians greater versatility in assessing the prevalence of darker or fairer phototypes among their patients. A technological innovation developed by Asclepion to satisfy the demands of its clients all over the world.

Highly Specialized Handpieces
The MeDioStar NeXT PRO features a handpiece with a spot of 1.4 cm2 and integrated skin cooling, offering flexibility in treating even difficult areas such as the upper lip or bikini line. The integrated skin-cooling system allows the highly efficient pre-cooling of the epidermis, protecting it from the risk of burns. This guarantees the highest degree of comfort for both the patient and the user.

Integrated High Power Peltier Skin Cooling
The MeDioStar NeXT PRO handpiece is fitted with a system that cools the area to be treated immediately before emitting the pulse, guaranteeing greater comfort and safety for the patient during treatment. A monitoring system inside the laser device regulates the cooling level, always keeping the skin temperature low and ensuring painless and extremely delicate treatment for all skin types.


  • Laser Type: Diode
  • Peak Power:2,400 Watts
  • Frequency: Up to 12Hz
  • Pulse Length: Variable (Up to 400ms)
  • Display: 8.4” Full Color TFT Touch Screen
  • XL-L tip Spot Size: 9.1 cm2
  • XL- S tip Spot Size: 3.0 cm2
  • Integrated Contact Skin Cooling: 360 Degrees
  • Skin Types: Treatment of all Skin Types (I – VI), Including Tanned Skin

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— Asclepion MedioStar Next Diode Laser – 2013 —


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