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Deka SmartXide2 HiScan DOT Fractional CO2 (Used)

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Deka SmartXide2 HiScan DOT Fractional CO2, Excellent Operating & Cosmetic Condition; Manufactured 12/2015; Serial Number: UM5B5011H; Recently serviced and inspected 12/2020; Includes: HI DOT Scanner, Articulating Arm, Footswitch, Key, Tubing, Crating, Shipping and 120 Day Warranty.


Deka SmartXide2 HiScan DOT Fractional CO2 (Used)

Product Description :

Laser Type:CO2
Wavelength:10.6 um
Peak Power on Tissue:30 W (Max)
Peak Power:320 W (Max)
Rep Rate:5 to 100 Hz
Thermal Control:up to 2 ms
Pulse Length:0.2 ms to 80 ms
Ablative Density:1.7% to 100%
Pulse Technology:Smartpulse
Aiming Beam:Diode, 3mW @ 635-670nm
Control Panel:LCD Touch Screen
Size:120 x 48 x 55 cm
Weight:30 kg
Electrical Requirements:230 VAC / 1.8 A (Max) / 50-60 Hz
Scanning Area:15x15mm (Max), 1x4mm (Min)
Dot Size:120 um
Dwell Time:From 0.2 to 2ms
DOT Spacing:200-2000 um
Advanced Fractional CO2 Treatments

DOT Therapy simplifies your treatments & improve patients appearance

DOT Therapy powered by the SmartXide DOT laser system employs a unique technology, SmartPulse, that allows simultaneous independent control of both energy (depth) and dwell time (thermal damage). This translate into a great benefit to the physician and the patient: Physicians can adjust parameters to tailor the treatment and downtime to the patient’s specific needs. Areas such as the neck, d√©colletage, eyelids, and darker skin types with a high risk of PIH (Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation) previously considered untreatable can now be treated successfully and safely. Patients will enjoy the benefits of tailored treatments, reduced recovery time and quick procedures.

Deka SmartXide2 HiScan DOT Fractional CO2 Control and Versatility

With SmartXide DOT physicians can select treatment parameters ranging from fractional, superficial and delicate treatments (minimum density 1.7%) to increasingly deeper treatments such as skin resurfacing (density 100%).

The HiScan scanner gives you a wide choice of patterns and sizes at your fingertips, and HiScan’s 38 fractional density levels give you unparalleled precision.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing
Scar Revision
Minor skin surgery
Incision, excision, vaporization, coagulation of soft tissue
SmartPulse Technology
HiScan Scanner

Technological Innovation

Powerful technology in a streamlined system, the SmartXide DOT can deliver more ablative power to tissue, over 200 watts, than other lasers. The latest innovations in laser design and control systems lead to SmartPulse control of the treatment. The adjustable high-power short-duration pulse to get to your desired ablation depth, coupled with the adjustable-duration low-power pulse to get the amount of thermal energy desired makes SmartXide DOT the most technically advanced fractional CO2 system available.


A lightweight compact package, only 60 lbs, a precision touch controlled scanner, titanium-alloy articulated arm, a state-of-the-art pulsed laser source and a treatment driven touch screen control panel demonstrate quality, and experience of the world’s premier developer and manufacturer of medical CO2 lasers.

The unique SmartXide DOT technology makes it the only system capable of treating even the most complex cases, such as scarring, surface pigmentation and deep wrinkles, tailoring treatments and downtime to the patient’s needs. Areas such as the neck and eyelids, and even phototypes with a high PIH (Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation) risk to date considered out of reach can now be treated successfully and safely.

In addition to the traditional and interlaced scan methods, SmartXide DOT also features the special SmartTrack algorithm. Developed to enhance post-treatment recovery, SmartTrack optimizes the scanning of the treatment area, minimizing the local increase in temperature.

3 Scanning methods (Normal, Interlaced, SmartTrack).
5 SmartStack levels.
5 Adjustable scanning: size, height,width ratio.
19 DOT dwell times.
29 Power levels.
38 Treatment densities.
1.570.350 Possible combinations.

SmartPulse allows to generate perfectly-controlled energy pulses, making it the ideal solution for Skin Resurfacing treatments. The SmartPulse technology eliminates the side effects of constant scanning and is always active, during both the traditional and fractional scanning phases and during the use of handpieces.

HiScan DOT, with its 1,570,350 different combinations of parameters, is the most flexible scanner in the market. Power, distance between DOTs, DOT dwell time, SmartStack level, scanning methods, shape and size of the treatment area: these are all the parameters that can be individually adjusted to precisely tailor each treatment to the patient’s needs.

In addition, there is a strong flexibility even in shape and dimension of the scan area, allowing a perfect fit to any treatment area. As shown in the picture below, the Shape, Size and Stretch are selected directly by pushing the three buttons on the scanner.

Deka SmartXide2 HiScan DOT Fractional CO2

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