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The Programat P710 ceramic furnace features infrared technology.

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The innovative Programat infrared technology helps to speed up the firing process by up to 20 percent and produces enhanced firing results compared with conventional ceramic furnaces. The new thermal imaging camera installed on the furnace automatically controls the pre-drying and closing processes – no matter how big or small or how many restorations are placed in the firing chamber.
How does infrared technology work?The integrated thermographic camera is sensitive to infrared radiation and measures the temperature directly at the surface of the fired object. This opens up new possibilities for controlling the drying and closing processes.
Cleverly devised software uses the data gathered by the infrared camera to calculate the most suitable pre-drying and closing parameters for each firing cycle. Sensor controlled measurements ensure that the furnace recognizes at which point the objects have been properly pre-dried.

The Benefits
Reduces cracks in the ceramic 
High process reliability and ease of operation
Consistent and reproducible high-quality firing results due to the Programat infrared technology
High cost effectiveness due to 20 percent faster firing
Digital Shade Assistant
The software compares the shade of the tooth to be analyzed with three pre-selected shade guide teeth on the screen. Special image processing software automatically recognizes which tooth to analyze and which three shade guide teeth to use. The shade guide tooth that comes closest to the tooth that is being analyzed is shown on the tooth. No further devices are required.
The unit features the new IRT2 function as of software version V3.0. This function enables contact-free measurement of the temperature on the surface of the restoration while the furnace opens after the firing cycle and indicates the best time for removing the fired restoration from the furnace.

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