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Scican Hydrim C61w G4 Instrument Washer

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Materials Included

  • C61w G4 Instrument Washer
  • 2 Racks
  • 1 Hinged Basket
  • 1 Opened Basket
  • User Manual
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Scican Hydrim C61w G4 Instrument Washer , Providing a new wave in automated instrument washing, the Hydrim C61w G4 Tabletop Instrument Washer is capable of communicating directly with service personnel or anyone you choose. Should the HYDRIM G4 ever need attention, diagnostic information can be sent via email to pre-selected dealer service reps, significantly reducing down time.

With each cycle, information must be stored to protect your office and your patients. The integrated data logger store all cycle information for the lifetime of the unit.
A USB port allows for the manual retrieval of cycle history. The 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection puts your PC in direct contact with your HYDRIM G4 and the RS232 serial printer port allows you to connect with an external printer.

HYDRIM C61WD G4 has a 6 full-size cassette capacity and can turnover 120 instruments in 60 minutes, start-to-dry.
Can be mounted under the counter or as a counter top.
HIPTM ULTRA cleaning solution is stored in the unit, no extra storage space required.
Washer-Disinfectors have validated cycles to ensure repeatable performance.

Avoid the many steps involved with manual cleaning or using ultrasonic cleaners such as pre-soaking, scrubbing and drying instruments.
– HYDRIM G4 ensures that every set of instruments receive the same validated cleaning process by dosing the correct amount of detergent with each cycle.
– Active drying system allows instruments to immediately be transferred to the next step of instrument reprocessing, sterilization.

G4 Technology – Information at your fingertips
– Designed as a self-monitoring unit, network enabled G4 technology can connect and send cycle data to your smart devices or computer, providing easily accessible cycle information and service logs.
– G4 technology connects your HYDRIM to specialized technicians, which allows for remote support and minimizes unnecessary downtime.
– Large touch screen gives in-depth cycle info and allows users to view current operation.

Features and Benefits
  • Countertop or under the counter, steri-center installation.
  • G4 web portal includes data storage, service logs and remote access capabilities
  • Validated cycles to ensure repeatable washing performance
  • Improved serviceability, reliability and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Vivid color touch screen
  • Robust stainless steel exterior
  • USB port for data storage
  • Active hot air drying

Materials Included

  • C61w G4 Instrument Washer
  • 2 Racks
  • 1 Hinged Basket
  • 1 Opened Basket
  • User Manual

Scican Hydrim C61w G4 Instrument Washer

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • Overall: 20.7”L x 23.5”W x 20.5”H
    • Inside: 17.5″L x 19.25″W x 11″H
  • Depth with door open: “82.9 cm / 32.6
  • Weight: 40 kg / 88 lbs
  • Cycle Times: Rinse and Hold 5 mins
  • Regular Wash + Dry: 16 mins. + 10 mins.
  • Heavy Duty Wash + Dry: 20 mins. + 10 mins.
  • Water Consumption Per Cycle:
    • Rinse and Hold: 7.6 litres / 2 gallons
    • Regular Wash: 11.5 litres / 3 gallons
    • Heavy Duty Wash: 11.5 litres / 3 gallons
  • Electrical Connection
  • Electrical Rating: 208-240V, 12A, 60 Hz
  • Running Noise: < 65 dB
  • Water and Drain Connections
    • Hot and Cold Water Tap Connection: 3/4” Garden hose, male
    • Recommended Hot Water Temperature: 60°C / 140°F
    • Cold Water Temperature: < 30°C / 86°F
    • Inlet Water Pressure: 1 – 10 bar / 14.5 – 145 psi
    • Drain: 2 cm / 3/4”

Warranty Information

  • 1-Year Warranty
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