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Zeltiq Coolsculpting – Body Sculpting

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Zeltiq Coolsculpting Body Sculpting with CoolMini, CoolAdvantage & CoolAdvantage Petite Applicators; Excellent Operating & Cosmetic Condition, Single Owner; Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Includes: CoolMini, CoolAdvantage & CoolAdvantage Petite Applicators; Also Includes: Applicator Adaptor, Pager, Pager Directions, Procedure Guidelines, CoolMini Liner Tool & Various Accessories (See Photos), 120 Day Warranty.


Zeltiq Coolsculpting – Body Sculpting

Product Summary
Zeltiq CoolSculpting – Body Sculpting is a fat freezing or cryolipolysis medical device and concept trademarked by Zeltiq Aesthetics.

The clinical science that led to the development of the cryolipolysis technique and the CoolSculpting system was first published in 2008. Dieter Manstein MD, PhD and R. Rox Anderson and their team showed that under controlled conditions, superficial (subcutaneous) fat is more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissues. They also demonstrated that prolonged cooling of these fat cells can cause them to reduce in number without causing damage to anything else in the area.

Coolsculpting Applicator

Technical specifications
The CoolSculpting device is precisely controlled by an engineered monitoring system to cool tissue down to −7°C.

The applicator is attached to the targeted area and uses vacuum to draw tissue into the cup-like shape. It is then held in place between two cooling panels. Energy, in the form of heat, is then extracted from the area and the underlying fatty tissue is cooled.

Sensors embedded in the applicator heads monitor the skin temperature during the procedure to ensure a controlled and consistent treatment. Cooling can be adjusted throughout treatment thanks to this continuous feedback from the sensors

The CoolSculpting device comes with a variety of applicators for targeting different areas of fatty tissue and some clinics may have more at their disposal than others.

• CoolMini™ Applicator is ideal for small areas of fat, including double chin
• CoolCurve+™ Applicator is ideal for curves, such as the flank area (love handles or muffin tops).
• CoolCore™ Applicator is most commonly used for the abdomen.
• CoolAdvantage Petite™ Applicator is designed to treat upper arms.
• CoolAdvantage™ Applicator is a newer applicator with interchangeable contours and is ideal for the abdomen, flanks and inner thighs and claims to treat in nearly half the treatment time of previous models.
• CoolFit™ Applicator features a flat applicator design ideal for longer, vertical areas of fat, such as the inner thighs.
• CoolSmooth PRO™ Applicator features a unique conformable flat applicator design ideal for non-pinchable fat, such as outer thighs.

• CoolMax™ Applicator is ideal for large volume reduction.

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